"Introduction to Neurotoxin E-Course"

Deux Rosé Beauty Refinery Aesthetic Academy provides education resources for medical providers looking to break into the medical esthetics industry. 


Step-by-step demonstration videos break down the neurotoxin application process from start to finish. 

10 video library covering individual aspects of the course curriculum.


"Introduction to Neurotoxin, Workbook Part 1" Digital Download available upon purchase. Printable and user-friendly. This workbook provides photos, dilutions, dosages, etc..


Sample documents will help you document the patient's treatment. The course includes a Sample Patient Consultation Form, Injector Chart Note, Patient Health History, and a Patient Incident Report. 

Skincare Concierge - 90 Day Coaching Programs

Need help figuring out where to start? When visiting the department store, are you overwhelmed by all the skincare choices? A Deux Rosé Beauty Refinery Skincare Concierge gives you 90 days of guided coaching and a starter skincare regimen.